The Mayan Baths and Spa will not only be Hacienda Arcángel's most distinctively defining attribute, but as demonstrated by the notoriety the small portion of the baths have thus far received, this project can become the most iconic attraction not only of San Miguel but for this entire region of central Mexico which is one of the fastest growing regions in all the Americas.   

In the setting of an ancient Mayan Temple, with the counsel of some of the world’s leading spa architects, designers and program planners, The Mayan Spa is positioned to combine the best and latest elements that the international spa industry has conceived, gaining acclaim not only for its unique architecture, but also for its quality, extent, and standard of services as well.  Highly respected spa industry experts who have visited and evaluated the project and site, confidently concur that the existing and planned characteristics will assure ranking among the top spas in the world.

A 3.3 acre site in the center of the project surrounding the existing underground baths has been designated and surveyed for the construction of this hot spring spa complex permitting it to be separately titled, developed, financed, leased or sold independently from the rest of the project. 

There are three basic elements to the Mayan Spa plan: the aboveground 26,500 sq. ft. fully outfitted spa facility and recreational building themed as a Mayan Temple, the underground Mayan Baths replicating an ancient cenote, and 20 large spa suites. 
The Mayan themed architectural concept features aesthetically stunning elements such as a main lobby with rows of hand carved stone columns that are all precisely aligned with the winter solstice, like the main tunnel in the underground baths. On December 21st of each year the sun will shine straight through the lobby with its 6 rows of columns and out the front door and windows illuminating statues and a carved obelisk at the entrance. The lobby design was inspired by the “Patio of a Thousand Columns” at the Temple of the Warriors at Chichen Itza, and each of the 38 columns in the lobby will be carved with Mayan hieroglyphs and illuminated from the floor.  In the center of the lobby, a low wall draped with the carved stone body of the feathered serpent representing the mythical god-ruler Quetzalcoatl, will surround an alluring stairway beckoning visitors into the existing passageways and water filled tunnels and caves of the underground.

As a full-service destination spa, amenities will include: reception area, retail boutique, men’s and women’s lounges, gym, salon, yoga – aerobics – exercise workout rooms, various rooms to offer traditional and specialized wet and dry treatments, medical consultation offices, and a “healthy food” restaurant / juice bar. There will also be above ground pools and water features, several of which are already built. The recreation building, planned for 4,750 sq. ft. of the aboveground facilities, will be used for different workout / exercise regimens as part of the spa programing and will also be rented out as a meeting, exhibition, banquet and wedding hall able to seat 250 comfortably.  

Upon completion, the other 2/3 of the underground component will expand the existing Baths offering an additional variety of recreation and entertainment alternatives to complement the aboveground spa.  It will include more lavish underground water features including more intimate pools where waterfalls cascade from the ceilings, massage rooms for singles and couples, light and aromatherapy treatment areas, a Watsu pool and a subterranean swim-up pool bar. Combining these features with the mystique and ambiance of being underground will create an even more unforgettable guest experience. (See guest comments)

The underground features of the spa were designed taking into consideration San Miguel’s seasonal, and day and evening, wide variance in temperatures, providing a usable attraction for all 12 months of the year, day and night; a warm retreat in winter and a cool sanctuary in summer. 

The 20, 1,500 sq. ft. spa suites will provide all the service and comfort of an apartment or small home, including fully equipped kitchens, dining and living rooms with fireplaces and outdoor patios.  All the suites will have a private indoor hot mineral water jacuzzi, indoor-outdoor showers, steam rooms and sauna areas. The jacuzzi will be located in the western most part of each suite on a raised platform giving guests an unobstructed panoramic view of the entire Laja Valley and Sierra Madre Mountains.

The suites will certainly have value as rental units; however, maybe a more important role will be to raise capital for the building of the spa itself.  The units could be sold in fractional interests or as condo hotel type units, or by giving use time to investors in a privately held company set up to sell shares in the spa project.

Further details are available regarding the design for the suites, conceptual and architectural spa plans including a walkthrough description, financial income projections from spa operations with cash flow assumptions and budget proposals from spa architects and spa program planners.



Spa Floor Plan - Ground Floor 


  Spa Floor Plan - Underground



As a unique entertainment facility, the spa and suites are the next natural steps for the projects development and will inevitably increase the values of all the other properties within the project which in turn, when built, will provide an even stronger base of clientele for the spa.

            (Elaborated design and architectual plans are available upon request)

Conceptual Ideas for the Underground Mayan Baths - Phase II

Mayan Baths

The first phase of the underground Mayan Baths has already been completed

The Spa

The Mayan Baths and Spa will become San Miguel's  #1  visitor attraction

The Private Residence

A 2,700 sq. ft. house has two bedrooms and three bathrooms

The Property

The 42 acre property sits above the thermal aquifer high on a hill 

The Project

The project's master plan was conceived in a design charette of leading resort industry experts

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